BRANCH was founded at the end of 2020 as a young offshoot of a carefully nurtured family company headquartered in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For over twenty-five years we have successfully provided our customers with the best quality products and services tailored to their unique needs and specifications. Over 700 square meters of factory space, we have production lines for pipe processing, sheet metal processing, metal plasticization, as well as a line for processing wood-based sheet materials. The entire process of production and quality is controlled by a series of international standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. MED category products have the CE marking, while EDU lines have been certified by Institute of Wood Processing of University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Forestry.

Our small team consists of seventeen diligent and dedicated members. Besides the founder, some of the employees have worked alongside us for over twenty years. Over that long marathon-like race, we have tackled floods, relocations, and various economic winds together, with great support from their families, as well as from all of our friends... You understand why we can then proudly call ourselves a “family company”.

Our responsibility to customers and employees is accompanied by our devotion to environmental protection and sustainable practices. Through continuous technological improvement in production workflows, careful waste management, and maximized use of raw materials, we strive to protect the balance between the health of people and nature.

For better understanding and presentation of our wide range of products, we have divided them into seven categories:
branchMED, branchEDU, branchDESK, branchFIT, branchVET, branchHOST and branchSTUDIO.

As you take important steps on your life journey, BRANCH products are here to offer you support. We care about your safe arrival to this world; we make growing up easier, health accessible, success possible, free time comfortable, and elderly age carefree.

At BRANCH, supporting you is our responsibility!

BRANCH Belgrade Team

In BRANCH offices, in the heart of Belgrade, you will be welcomed by Branka and Miloš.

Branka is the founder and owner BRANCH. Growing up in the midst of a family-run business, she continued building her knowledge and skills through her architecture and international relations education. Branka combines proven tradition with a contemporary approach to uphold the thirty-year-long trust of BRANCH’s parent company. Branka is devoted to supporting our customers on every step of their journey through life, to their satisfaction with our products, and to the continued advancement of our processes, products, and customer relations.

Miloš graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. He brings his experience of working with domestic and international medical equipment companies to help our customers find the safest and highest quality solutions for their needs. He works eagerly on reconciling the standards of production with the wishes of our customers, overseeing the manufacturing process from the design to execution and application. Miloš is passionate about the continued improvements to our products in accordance with the highest standards of health, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable practices.

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